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We design exceptional digital experiences to deliver real business outcomes.

Consulting Offerings

Provides a holistic UX evaluation of a digital interface. Identifies the gap between current vs. desired quality of experience. Duration: 2-4 weeks. Can vary depending on scope and type of evaluation.
  • Ideally, done as a diagnostic first step before starting a redesign activity and/or as validation before finalizing a design.
  • Can be done without user involvement as an expert review and/or as user testing with an appropriate sample of participants.
  • Deliverable includes assessment report covering areas of UX improvement and design recommendations.
“Expert reviews work best when all business stakeholders are in agreement about the quality of the current experience. Whereas, user testing is ideal when there is a need for building consensus.”
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Provides an in-depth understanding of your users and their stated & unstated needs. Duration: 3-4 weeks. Varies depending on size of research sample.
  • Can be done as a stand alone activity or as part of a UX design program.
  • Ideally, done before the design phase to ensure that the design matches user expectations.
  • Richest user data comes from using 1-1 direct qualitative research methods.
  • Deliverable includes research insights report covering user preferences, performance data and design implications.
“Real insight comes from focusing on what users do rather than just what they say.”
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Provides the interface design solution that meets business goals and fulfills user needs. Duration: 6-8 weeks. Can vary considerably depending on required number of screens & footprints.
  • Ideally, done as a four step process: Problem definition, research, design and testing.
  • Design is created with a scientific basis grounded in cognitive psychology and behavioral science.
  • Deliverable includes required number of screens across footprints delivered as JPEGs or HTMLs.
“UX design projects deliver the best outcomes when they follow a systematic process that ensures that the design is informed, iterated and validated.“
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Provides the UX masterplan across channels, devices & footprints for your entire digital ecosystem. Duration: 6-8 weeks. Can vary based on context.
  • Ensures that the design of each user touchpoint is aligned to a masterplan and provides users a consistent, optimized and continuous experience across the digital ecosystem.
  • Defines the end-to-end optimal experience for key user journeys across channels, devices and footprints.
  • Deliverables include a UX ecosystem visualization, user journey mapping and screens (JPEGs or HTMLs) representing key tasks.
“The optimal omni-channel design solution along with the right organizational structure, governance & culture leads to sustainable UX success.”
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Provides the UX design solution in cases where business needs to launch a new disruptive digital offering. Duration: 6-8 weeks. Can vary based on context.
  • Ideally, done as a four step process: Problem definition, research, design and testing.
  • Research tends to be more open-ended. Design is created with a scientific basis.
  • Deliverable includes required number of screens across footprints delivered as JPEGs or HTMLs.
“The most important and often the most challenging part of an innovation program is problem definition. If the question is phrased properly, then the answer is the easy part.”
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Provides an embedded UX leadership team for sustained guidance & advisory addressing the entire spectrum of an organization’s UX needs. Duration: ongoing.
  • Hassle-free UX. Provides flexible, on-demand UX support.
  • Manages the ongoing UX evolution of an organization’s digital ecosystem. Helps ensure that the organization routinely creates best-in-class digital experiences and leverages UX as a strategic differentiator.
  • Provides day-to-day troubleshooting for business-as-usual UX needs and strategic guidance for major UX programs.
  • Formal deliverables include regular executive briefings.
“An embedded team combines the best of both worlds. An unbiased outsider perspective along with a deep understanding of an organizations unique context and internal dynamics.”
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Training Offerings

Thinking in
1 Day, Primer
A training program that provides a repeatable & user-centered problem-solving framework that can be applied in any context to achieve extraordinary results.
Program outline: Define. Empathize. Design. Test.
Who should attend: Leaders, managers, individual contributors. Anyone faced with the daunting task of solving a complex problem.
“Just thinking is not enough, the design process needs to be action oriented and translate to a tangible outcome.”
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3 Days, Intensive
A training program that provides the fundamental building blocks for becoming more innovative, boosting creative capacity, discovering disruptive ideas and executing them to deliver real business outcomes.
Program outline: Question. Understand. Connect. Create.
Who should attend: Executives, Leaders, Innovation/Design/R&D teams.
“Innovation is not invention. Most successful innovations come from combining old ideas in new ways.”
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1 Day, Intensive
Short specialty modules that provide focused, deep-dive, skill development programs pertaining to specific steps in the innovation process.
Modules: Problem Definition. Ethnographic Research. Ecosystem Visualization. Disruptive Thinking. Interface Design.
Who should attend: Design/Innovation teams.
“Building UX expertise requires 3 things: Education, Experience and Exposure. Education counts for only 10%.”
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Saurabh Gupta - UX Design Consultant
Saurabh Gupta
"Design is about striking a balance between familiar and fresh, between comfort and stimulation."
An established UX design and innovation leader with proven passion for UX and strong belief in design’s ability to simplify, amplify and delight. An alumnus of NID with a decade long UX design and innovation career. Consults globally with Fortune 500 companies and startups to help them create best-in-class digital experiences, leverage UX as a strategic differentiator and integrate design & innovation into their culture and long-term strategy.
Hemal Gathani - UX Design Consultant
Hemal Gathani
"Design is the new advertising. If brand is a promise, design is performance."
An outcome driven UX design leader with a proven track record of helping companies achieve business goals via UX. 12+ years of experience in UX consulting and training worldwide. Led 100+ UX design projects from inception to final delivery and architected several large UX transformation programs. Consults globally. Mentors and leads UX teams comprising of analysts, researchers and designers. Relentless in ensuring UX design delivers real business outcomes.

Key Clients

Network 18
Yes Bank
Axis Bank
ICICI Securities
Reliance Brands Limited
Orbit Goomo
Reliance Retail
easy roads
Intellect Design
Gaea Global


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Led by established UX design & innovation leaders. 40,000+ hours of combined global UX consulting experience. Proven track record of successfully leading 100+ UX design projects.
Outcome Based Delivery
Outcome based delivery
Process Driven
Process driven UX design approach, grounded in cognitive psychology and behavioral science.
Fast Turn Around Time
Fast turn around time

ZEUX Design Philosophy : 9 Core Principles

UX is a feeling.
Design is not just decoration.
WOW! is about meeting business goals.
Process is sacrosanct. Involve users actively.
Start by assuming, everything is noise.
Design with science. Understand human limitations.
Ease is no longer enough. Design for influence.
Good UX is minimal interface, maximum experience.
Good Omni-Channel UX is consistent, optimized & continuous.


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