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UX is a feeling.
WOW! comes from exceeding business goals.
Experiencing the user = user experience.
Its never the user’s fault.
Observe people, just the way they are.
Eliminate everything extraneous.
Experience is the accumulation of a thousand tiny moments.
Engagement comes from optimal level of challenge.
UX evolution requires creation, protection & destruction.

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Just tell us how much time you have, select a need and leave the rest to us
  • I have 3 – 4 Weeks
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  • I need…
    ZEUX Offering
  • “A quick UX review of my digital interface”
    UX Audit
  • “A prototype to present to stakeholders next week”
    UX Design Blitz
  • “A facelift of my digital presence”
    UX Design Refresh
  • “To train my team on UX best practices and methodologies”
    UX Training
  • I need…
    ZEUX Offering
  • “User testing for my interface”
    UX Testing
  • “To map out my customer's journey and identify pain points”
    UX Research
  • “A UX strategy based on my users, competition and trends”
    UX Playbook
  • I need…
    ZEUX Offering
  • “A full redesign of my digital user interface”
    UX Design Overhaul
  • “A comprehensive design system”
    UX Design System
  • I need…
    ZEUX Offering
  • “To design a seamless experience across all digital touchpoints”
    Omni-Channel UX Design
  • “Continuous optimization of my digital user experience”
    UX Kaizen
  • “End-to-end design and development for my new digital product”
    Full Stack Digitization Program
  • I need…
    ZEUX Offering
  • “To build a design-first culture in my organization”
    Design-Led Digital Transformation
  • “A strategic design partner for all my digital design needs”

Our work speaks for itself

but we still made some case studies
  • Address the needs of a diverse user group including residents, facility management, and society management.
  • Design a community space for residents based on their interests and how social they want to be.
  • Leverage existing AI technology to assist the user in navigating and completing mundane tasks.
  • Design a user-friendly mock-up to efficiently manage and track chemotherapy cycles.
  • Enhance user experience during chemotherapy with a focus on efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use.
  • Develop a framework with guiding principles for Treatment Management Systems across medical specializations.
  • Service all financial needs for a customer at a single place in a super app.
  • Increase the overall revenue while broadening the customer base.
  • Enhance user experience through persuasive design principles, making financial management seamless.
  • Identifying a differentiated positioning in an already crowded market
  • Simplifying payment flows and enhancing the overall user experience to increase adoption and transactions
  • Aligning the visual design and tone-of-voice to HSBC’s global guidelines
  • Simplifying complex user onboarding and minimising drop-offs
  • Enabling users to track transaction data on their remittances through a unified dashboard
  • Designing hyper-simple journeys designed to avoid human error & to meet global visual standards
  • Helping ease user anxiety over high value transactions with contextual help, instructions and autosave
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The world is our oyster

and our clients are an eclectic mix
100+ Clients
300+ Projects
$15 M+ ROI
1.3 Bn Lives Impacted
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Our clients absolutely love us

Ronald Ranaldi
SVP Sales & Marketing | Humatics Corporation

“I have worked with ZEUX before and admire their working methodology, expertise and strong team culture. They are highly qualified professionals, well versed in UX Science & User Research. They understood our needs and translated it through UX design. Post go-live, we have seen an increase in engagement as well as informed and qualified prospects.”

Sourav Shah
Head of E-commerce | Flydubai

“We reached out to ZEUX for a high-stake UI UX Design project. They were quick in understanding our pain points, competition landscape and our expectations. Their ability to connect the dots between business requirements and the design solution is commendable. What also helps is their deep understanding of cognitive psychology and behavioural science. Overall, it was great working with them.”

Ayushi Verma
Head of Digital Transformation | L&T Financial Services

“Thanks to ZEUX Innovation’s UI UX Design. We successfully launched our mobile App – PLANET, which gained positive reviews and over 5 Lac downloads in the first few months’ of launch. We admire their project management style, communication, and delivery – They were prompt and aligned to our project goals throughout. In fact, we highly recommend ZEUX for UX Innovation and breakthrough design.”

Biju Balagopal
Director – Business Operations | Terra Payment Services (Netherlands) B.V.

“When we connected with ZEUX – they were able to demonstrate their ability to deliver on complex and large scale UX design projects – for both B2B and B2C. There are several ongoing projects with ZEUX. The teams across all the projects are very capable and professional.”

Siddharth Runwal
Director | Provilac Dairy Farms Private Limited

“Being a Start-up we wanted a flexible arrangement, ZEUX Team guided us very well and went way beyond to deliver. They followed a systematic user-centric methodology which included User Research & User Testing. The users found the new UX design very easy to navigate and the gamification angle really excited them. Also, their recommendations on cross-sell were spot on. Overall, a great success.”

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Winning isn’t everything

but who’s complaining

Good news travels fast

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Are we having fun yet?

Life @ ZEUX
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You are in good hands

Process driven UX design approach, grounded in cognitive psychology and behavioral science
Outcome Based Delivery
Led by established UX design & innovation leaders. 60,000+ hours of combined global UX consulting experience. Proven track record of successfully leading 100+ UX design projects.

We’re here

and we have an excellent view of the lake
ZEUX Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
402, El Tara, Orchard Ave,
Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai, Mumbai 400076

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4. How frequently do you conduct user research?

5. What type of feedback do you typically receive from your users for your digital experience?

6. How often do you update your digital experience?

7. Do you use data analytics to inform your digital decisions?

8. What best describes your current digital design & development process?

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