An Eggcellent Adventure: A UX designer’s ode to a superfood

What comes with the territory of being a UX designer,
Is to review everything you feel, do, and see.
This could even include your own habits and choices,
When you stop to wonder why you do some things daily.
I opened my fridge to look for inspiration,
And found items whose absence I needed to address,
I realised that it wasn’t the ice, milk, or cheese,
But a depleting egg stash that caused me distress.

I couldn’t help but notice how the humble egg,
Has earned itself a coveted spot,
Not just in my fridge, but across the world,
Since man discovered its edible plot.
Adept at gathering from time immemorial,
The eggs of many have made it to our plate,
But for the sake of common ground and simplicity,
This review is about how chicken eggs rate.

With only two choices to manoeuvre around,
High level navigation seems like child’s play.
Either boil it whole or crack it open,
And proceed to consume it as you may.
It’s fascinating how eggs can be checked for freshness,
Their inbuilt intelligent system is hard to beat.
Drop it in a glass of water and wait for it to sink,
Because a floating egg means it’s too old to eat.

The white-space ridden oval sphere makes for a beautiful UI,
Minimal and pristine – a colour palette that looks just right.
The shade of yellow depends on what the chicken ate,
The application of heat turns the transparent to white.
Of all the senses that presentation affects,
The smell is probably not the egg’s best asset.
It takes some getting used to and also a mint,
To ward off what it may do to your previously fresh breath.

A symbol of new life and unhatched potential,
The egg has enjoyed its celebrity status for long.
The treasure in Easter and hero in Humpty Dumpty,
Even Bollywood has celebrated it with a song.
The contents are a wondrous treasure trove of nutrition,
Packed with proteins and vitamins, some minerals and fat.
Everything smartly divided between the white and the yolk,
So that you can skip the latter if cholesterol is being worked at.

If you’re not up to including eggs in your diet that’s alright,
You can still benefit since they offer so much.
Use them as face masks, add them to your hair packs,
They’ll moisturize and condition everything they touch.
Hold up before you cast away those shells…
Put them in plants to add calcium to your blooms,
Leave them near your windows to ward off lizards,
Apparently, they’ll believe that a larger predator looms.

Plenty of options on how to interact with this ingredient,
Fry it, bake it, go vanilla or cook with things added on.
Even plain old boiling water has exciting possibilities,
With each passing minute, a new dish is born.
Now interacting with an egg may require some practice,
Handling its slippery contents is a strange kind of dance,
Just when you think they’re sitting pretty, and look away,
They flirtatiously roll off & messily end all the romance.

Finally, some trivia about eggs that you buy off the shelf…
They stand no chance of hatching, no matter which you pick,
Since their daddy and mummy never met long enough
To fertilise the egg into a cute lil’ chick.
This brings us to the end of my review of the mighty egg,
Clean and classic presentation, effortless to navigate,
Interaction can be precarious but top marks for content,
On a scale of ten, I would give it a resounding eight!


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