From Anime to ArtistryChildhood Memoirs of a UX designer

Woken by the gentle touch of mother’s hand
The heavy rain shower outside, dictating our plans.
Morning routine complete, school clothes on,
Time to don my shoes, a dull day has just begun.
But then a message comes, and my day takes a turn,
A holiday was declared and my joy began to burn.

Changed into comfortable shorts and shirt in hand,
Mother making Maggi, my day’s already grand.
I turn on the TV, my favorite cartoon in view,
Cool-weather, cozy blanket, all I need to renew.

Anime and cartoons, a world of adventure and fantasy…
I watch and dream, longing for something more than reality.
Naruto, One Piece, Doremon, and many more,
I envy the lives of those kids and what lies in store.

I think and wonder why I must go to school,
I want to chase my dreams, be the best, and rule.
But school is so dull, I want to do something new,
Something that excites me, something that I can pursue.

The first day of school is an exciting time,
A chance to choose my pokemon, a friend of mine.
Together we’ll grow, learn and explore,
Embrace the adventure, and so much more.

What if, as I walked through the school door
I was transported to a whole new world to explore.
No longer a student, but a hero on a quest,
To be the strongest, make decisions, and do my best.

I don’t need marks to prove my worth,
I want a cool sword, a hero’s girth.
I don’t need grades, they don’t define me,
I want to be a hero, brave and free.

You don’t tell me, you show me!
It’s not about the words, it’s about the journey.
I want to see, experience, and learn.
Don’t just tell me, let me earn.

Rather than just finishing homework
Or treat it as something I’d gladly shirk,
I’ll embrace it and stop thinking of it as a chore,
It’ll be my chance to become a hero and explore.

I want to be the class Hokage,
The strongest and best leader to be.
Other kids know me for more than just grades,
I’m a great samurai, with many skills for everyone to see.

Flashback over, fast forward to the present…
Back to reality from my childhood days that were oh-so pleasant.
Why can’t we gamify education’s core,
And make learning something to adore?
A game that measures progress, not just tests…
Excite kids with rewards that are part of a gaming world with different quests!


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