Crafting a Habit-forming Experience for Leadership Mastery

Client / Mentora Institute
Domain / Leadership Development Platform
Services rendered / User Research & UX Design

Mentora®’s proprietary digital learning platform that helps you reach your highest potential in life and leadership by giving you the learning and practice you need to grow from the inside-out. Based on Mentora’s founder Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa’s Inner Mastery | Outer Impact model developed at Columbia Business School NY over the last 15 years. Hitendra teaches the school’s most popular leadership elective, Personal Leadership & Success.

Mentora Digital is not just a learning tool, but an everyday companion for reflection, inspiration, guidance, practice, and feedback at any scale, from one learner to tens of thousands across a large organization. Since Mentora largely partners with corporate client in designing leadership development programs the app access is limited to only the enrolled participants.

The UX Challenge

To understand how to hook users and make them keep coming back for more, especially since the target audience were senior management or in the leadership roles, they didn’t have the luxury of time.

So, the 4-point brief for us was to:

  • Simplify online-learning experience for leadership and senior management
  • Offer a personalized, on demand, micro learning environment
  • Improve student engagement with the classes
  • Generate stickiness with self-paced learning

Our Solution

Our approach for this project allowed us to explore the best practices for online-learning platforms and training videos. We explored the concepts of gamification to keep the users hooked and generate stickiness.


Conduct a UX review of the current app

Understand user behavior and learning habits through user research

Implement best practices for contents (eg. video, multiple-choice questions etc.)

Deliver a best-in-class and differentiated experience

The Outcome

The user experience design approach essentially focused on 4 key pillars:

Serve it bite-sized: The easier a behavior is to do the more likely we are to do it every day.

Maintain the suspense: The unknown is fascinating. Mystery creates the itch for us act and causes us to focus and engage.

Provide intrinsic reward: The self is motivated by mastery, consistency, competency and control. Not by playing with other people or getting material rewards, engagement comes from getting to the next level and accomplishment.

Generate Stored Value: Any kind of effort investment by the user is the best way to create stickiness


After the launch of the new design the play store rating rose to 4.5/5 on the google play store and 4.7/5 on the apple app store…