Crafting an exceptional online experience for Humatics

Client / Humatics
Domain / Technology, micro-location
Services rendered / UX Strategy & Design

The UX Challenge

Humatics is a micro-location service provider based in the US. The company creates precise location and navigation data to support multiple use cases in manufacturing, transportation, robotics, surgical and more. Backed by an impressive team of engineers and scientists, Humatics is looking to establish itself as a leader in the micro-location systems space.

The design objectives were…

  • Improve customer engagement
  • Increase customer leads
  • Improve brand positioning as #1 player in the micro-location systems space
  • Effectively communicate product lines and innovations
  • Showcase supporting content (educational materials, white papers etc.) at the right place

Based on stakeholder interview and best practice reviews, the main UX challenges were as follows.

  • Low brand awareness: Customers were unaware of the products, technology, use cases and expertise that Humatics offers.
  • Standard template design: The website did not portray Humatics as a new-age company.
  • Lack of persuasion: There was absolutely no validation for why a customer should engage with Humatics.

Our Solution

After getting an in-depth understanding of the UX issues, we started the redesign process to create a website for Humatics.

The design approach essentially focused on…

Brand personality

Compelling visual design with larger-than-life videos, imagery and bold text to highlight a future-forward innovations company

Humanizing technology to speak to users that are not familiar with Humatics and micro-location

Clear communication of Humatics’ offerings

Relating products and technology with real-life examples

Showcasing value through clear benefits, comparisons and numbers

Portraying authority by showcasing the team of engineers, scientists, advisors, investors

Case studies and press articles were made easier to read through

Increasing leads

Contextual call-to-actions that did not feel too salesly

Case studies and educational materials were made exclusive

The Outcome

ZEUX’s redesign of proves that it’s possible to simplify an inherently complex domain, without making it simplistic. The design speaks to all user groups – those who understand the domain, and those who don’t. The use of concise language makes it easier for users to consume information.

The redesign also helps establish Humatics as a truly future-forward, innovative company.

“I have worked with ZEUX before and admire their working methodology, expertise and strong team culture. They are highly qualified professionals, well versed in UX Science & User Research. They understood our needs and translated it through UX design. Post go-live, we have seen an increase in engagement as well as informed and qualified prospects.”

Ron Ranaldi
SVP Sales & Marketing | Humatics