Creating the Gold standard in online music education for Artium Academy

Client / Artium Academy
Domain / EduTech
Services rendered / UX Revamp, User Research, User Testing

The UX Challenge

Artium Academy is a premium online music education platform democratizing music learning in a fun yet result-oriented way, providing learners 1:1 personalised and guided music learning. Artium Academy supports a 3-step loop towards building musical ability, Learn, Practice and Perform, supported by Mentoring & Masterclasses by industry legends. Additionally, Artium Academy aims to create a performance platform to showcase your talent and build your musical credentials.

Artium Academy faced high drop-off rates at the registration and signup stage along with no-shows by the user for booked free trial classes. This led to Artium’s low user conversion rate. Less than 20% of customers who come to the website register for trial classes, and 3% of those are buying courses. Our team set out on an excursion of upgrading all parts of the client securing, live class and maintenance ventures. Artium wanted to achieve the following-

  • To engage users when landing on Artium’s website and simplify the book a free trial process to increase conversion rates and reduce drop-offs.
  • Provide a goal-orientated approach by gamifying the entire learning experience to improve student engagement with the sessions and assignments provided to increase stickiness and maximize renewals.
  • Build a community to create a social presence for users to engage, interact and learn through suggestions and content provided by Artium and other students.
  • Allow users to compose, create & record their music through various tools provided for the user.

Our Solution

Following the design principles we aimed to create a consistent design approach this supports a strong brand image for Artium Academy’s Pre login and Post Login interfaces. Additionally, this ecosystem created allows users to be on one single platform. Users can track their performance, assignments and assignment evaluation. Whilst teachers can assign, evaluate student assignments, track their earnings & teach in a much more immersive manner. Moreover, the overall interface creates a community across all ages while keeping everyone engaged with an elaborate gamification framework.


By following and integrating principles such as obedience to authority, surprise and power of free we aimed to create Artium’s website. This website allows users to understand WHAT Artium Academy is about, WHY should they create the decision to choose to learn music at Artium Academy. The aim is to not only portray them as any online music academy but also as an academy that chooses to teach you through multiple practices for you to become a musical performer. This is provided by a curriculum created by Mentoring maestros and industry legends who work closely for Artium. Additionally, users are made to understand and are also provided with the curriculum that would be taught. Furthermore, creating a happy journey by emphasizing “Book a Free Trial” concedes users to book, thus increasing conversion rates.

Students Portal:

This ecosystem allows students to access their assignments and their live class, and interact with the interface by creating a studio allowing students to compose and create recordings of their own for assignments as well as personal recordings. Additionally, students can interact directly with their teachers on one single platform. Furthermore, the interface has been created in a gamified manner where students can further interact and engage in a community platform where they can interact with other students raising and answering each other’s queries, whilst also gaining points for the same.

Teachers Portal:

The interface design allows teachers to view their schedule for the day, assign assignments to students and customize resources and assignments a student may require. Thus, allowing students to have a 1:1 learning approach. Additionally, teachers can keep a track of their earnings for the month for both trials as well as paid sessions all on one platform.

The Outcome

Our team leveraged Artium’s understanding of the entire ecosystem & UX best practices to create the entire digital experience for students & teachers at Artium Academy. The Pre login website is currently live, whilst the rest of the Post login designs are still in the development stage.

Overall, the feedback our team have received from Artium’s current users described the design and interface in one word as “WOW”.