Demystifying & Digitizing Astrology

Client / Astroscience
Domain / Astrology
Services rendered / UX Design

The UX Challenge

Astroscience uses a prediction generating software built by GD Vashisht himself, based on 48000+ laws to generate a horoscope & provide prediction across multiple categories such as health, career, wealth, etc. Astroscience was serving their audience via social media channels, call center & in person meetings. The challenge was to:

  • Understand how the inhouse astrology s/w works & provide a platform for it to be able to showcase its potential
  • Digitizing guruji’s in-person consultation & thereby helping users read their predictions accurately
  • Unlike other astrology apps, we ensured that we refrained from making the app look like a marketplace
  • Reduce the call center intervention & increase business scalability


  • Stakeholder visioning & creating a design strategy
  • User segmentation
  • Building concepts & creating high fidelity wireframes followed by visual design
  • Test potential product concept to arrive at best product market fit
  • Deliver a best-in-class and differentiated astrology app experience

Our Solution

Their unique & complex prediction generating software could only be used & understood by the astrologers. We simplified this software to help users understand how the planetary positions would affect their horoscope either through their age or different categories (Wealth, marriage, career etc). Unlike other astrology apps, Astrocience app provided predictions covering the length & breadth of a particular horoscope. Right from how your day looks like to what could be the potential issues in your near/far future to how your horoscope will impact your family, this app had it all.

We created an immersive experience that reflected Guruji’s knowledge, experience & presence on the app through his videos, testimonials, in-depth predictions & remedies.

The UX design approach essentially focused on 3 key pillars:

Establishing Brand Personality: GD Vashisht is well known across leading TV channels for his rich experience in astrology & unique offerings – in depth & comprehensive horoscope & free access to predictions. It was important that the app reflects all these aspects.

Finding the Balance: Typically, users want to read their predictions based on a certain age or a certain aspect of life (health, career, marriage etc.). In order to help users read their predictions in the right way, this app gave an insight into the finer details of astrology (Eg: planetary positions/Dashas impacting horoscopes). But it was also necessary for us to stay aware of how much would be too much. By educating the users in the right amount we ensured the app is not cumbersome & has a minimal learning curve.

Discoverability: Astroscience has a wide range of offerings that needed to be available on the app to reduce call center dependency. We re-organized the entire bouquet of products & services to encourage daily engagement with the app. The UI was designed to match the user’s mental model enhancing the findability of prime features like Celebrity Kundali, Born Lucky etc.

The Outcome

On Sept 27th, 2021, Astroscience went live in 9 months…

It has a 4.7 rating on the play store & almost 100K+ downloads.