Designing a Hyper Simple Remittance platform for ICICI BANK

Domain / Fintech/Remittance/Banking
Services rendered / UX Review, Omnichannel Strategy, User Research, UX Revamp, UX Design & Static Webpages using HTML, CSS & JavaScript

The UX Challenge

ICICI BANK needed a complete experience overhaul of their existing remittance platform including App, Web and M-Web so they can go head to head against some of the younger, more flexible, quickly growing, market leading giants in the $80 billion Indian remittance market.

The existing site had grown to be extremely outdated and suffered from a lot of major UX issues such as:

  • Outdated element interactions that do not align to present user mental models
  • Lack of consistency in regard to Navigation, Information Architecture, Visual design, Structural Alignment, etc.
  • A userbase that had huge amounts of trust in the brand but was unhappy with the experience of using the remittance platform while surrounded by so many attractive up and coming alternatives.
  • A difficult and long onboarding process that was not optimised for lead generation.
  • An overly lengthy money transfer process that was very difficult for a user to track upto fulfillment.

Our Solution

After a thorough UX review, Landscape research and User interviews, we decided to focus on the following key areas:

Simplicity: Use the ‘less is more’ principle to declutter and make the product as simple as it can be.

Trust: Build on the existing trust of the brand and leverage it to boost trust in this particular product.

Intuitive Interface: Use existing mental models of the target users to reduce cognitive load to a minimum.

Transparency: Once trust is built it needs to be maintained, lack of transparency slowly but surely depletes trust. Aware of the fact that trust is much easier to maintain than to build, we knew it was paramount to be extremely transparent and to give the user access to everything they may require.

Aesthetics: Build an aesthetically pleasing interface with minimum clutter that appeals to the users in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.

The Outcome

Successfully transformed the platform into a simple, intuitive, persuasive, unified, future-ready, fast, visually appealing, trustworthy and brand-worthy experience tailored for the target user.

In the first month of launch itself Money2India’s revenue had a percentage increase in the double digits with a strong upward trajectory.