Designing next-gen construction management tools for Zepth

Client / Zepth
Domain / SaaS / Construction / Project Management
Services rendered / User Research, UX Design & HTMLs

The UX Challenge

Zepth is a construction project management platform with an abundance of features catering to needs across user types. ZEUX was entrusted with redesigning Zepth in order to capture the complexity of the features, while aiming to increase sales, reduce the time and cost of support and improve the general user experience.

Our Solution

Our stakeholder interviews and user research, which included project owners, project managers, architects, contractors and quality inspectors, we identified two key needs. For the business, the central need was to increase sales and for the users, the central need was to save time on understanding functionalities and asking for support. Our solution was to simplify the features and flows on the tool, by only focusing on essential functionalities and ensuring the visual design mirrored the simplicity.

Some of the core functionalities we simplified include:

Navigation: Shifting navigation options and disappearing entry points we rectified. A persistent (unchanging) navigation was introduced. Standard practices like highlighting the current location for good situational awareness in users were implemented.

Form design: Forms that collected similar data differently were made consistent. Forms that duplicated user efforts, by collecting information that had already been shared before were eliminated.

Content: Different terminology used for the same thing and overuse of jargon was eliminated. This does not mean all jargon was removed. As experts in the field, users were very familiar with much of the jargon and expected to see it on the tool.

Intelligence: Through clever form design, cross purposing of collected data, and displaying relevant information in the right manner at the right time, user efforts during task completion were minimised. E.g. the ‘To do list’ feature collated all tasks from different sections like Budget, Inspection, Meeting, Approvals, etc. and showcased them in order of urgency, removing the need for the user to comb through the tool for pending work.

The final outcome is a tool that is lighter, easy to navigate, and a positive addition that simplifies the life of the construction project managers, inspectors and designers that use it everyday.

The Outcome

This app is currently under development.


“ZEUX Innovation was successful in making the platform’s UX seamless. They’ve sound understanding of UX science and how to design for B2B complex applications. Fantastic team to work with. They delivered world class quality in a committed timeframe. My sales and pre-sales team are very happy with the overall output.”

Prasoon Shrivastava
Founder & CEO | Zepth Technologies