Digitizing the Godrej Properties home buying experience

Client / Godrej Properties
Domain / Real Estate
Services rendered / UX Design

The UX Challenge

In the real estate industry, a large part of sales is traditionally driven through offline channels and third-party agents. These sales channels tend to be more costly and time consuming. In an increasingly digital world and a more tech savvy customer base, it was important to maximize digital sales channels. ZEUX was tasked with revamping the property browsing and booking experience of the Godrej Properties mobile app. The goals were to increase lead generation, property bookings, site visit appointments and walk-ins via the mobile app.

Our Solution

ZEUX kickstarted the project with defining the core UX challenge through stakeholder visioning and a UX audit of the current application. These insights were then utilized to initiate the wireframing and visual design phases of the project.

Our UX approach was designed to ensure that the…

Information provided for each property is comprehensive and addresses all possible stated and unstated needs of a target customer

App provides the essential details of the property upfront, while progressively disclosing additional details for each section.

Interface gives users as close to a site visit experience of the property as possible

Visuals, videos and 3D views of the property are high quality and visually compelling

Look & feel of the app exudes a best-in-class, global design aesthetic using a black & white color palette, clean typography and ample amounts of white space.

The Outcome

This app has gone live a month back, and the results are awaited.

“ZEUX proved their mettle during the first meeting itself. They not only managed to meet the expectation of the end users but also the key stakeholders by establishing trust and thought leadership.”

Prerana Katreja
Deputy General Manager | Godrej Properties