Reimagining Email Account Statements for Axis Bank

Client / Axis Bank
Domain / Banking
Services rendered / UX Redesign

The UX Challenge

Axis Bank Customers were sent a pdf of their account statement via email monthly. While this was useful for the customers, Axis Bank, as a part of their ongoing customer-centricity initiatives wanted to explore opportunities around how customers can derive more value from their monthly account statement. The team got together and brainstormed on what can be done and consequently, Axis Bank Money Quotient was born. Instead of a static PDF, Money Quotient was conceptualized to be more holistic, visually compelling, interactive monthly statement.

Considering Axis Bank customers already have access to their bank statements via the mobile app and online banking website, the key questions that needed to be addressed with regards to the Money Quotient value proposition were…

  • Can give use Money Quotient to give Axis Bank customers more relevant and personalized information about their finances?
  • Can we use Money Quotient to advise our customers in an easy and engaging way on how to manage their money?
  • Can we make Money Quotient a 2-way communication channel?

Our Solution

Several rounds of design iteration, user research & feedback sessions combined with UX science and best practices led to the final UX design for Money Quotient.

Money Quotient UX highlights

Engaging and holistic overview of the customer’s complete financial relationship across assets and liabilities on a monthly basis. No need for multiple statements.

Comprehensive monthly spend analysis giving customers a detailed understanding of their spends across various expense categories.

Comparison of customer’s financial profile with other people like them to drive awareness and social proof of what others are doing to manage their money.

De-cluttering of offers for the customers by providing them with personalized offers based on their interests and spend pattern.

The Outcome

Money Quotient was launched in July 2019. Survey feedback gathered from 8000+ Axis Bank customers was fantastic…

88% responses rated Money Quotient ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ for the usefulness of information provided

90% responses rated Money Quotient’s visual design as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’

81% responses rated Money Quotient ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ in its ability to help customers understand their spending pattern better

And this is what they had to say…

“Appreciate Axis Bank work force for rendering this customer friendly service…Full marks to Team Axis Bank.”

“As usual Axis Bank is at the forefront of providing account details in an easy and concise manner. I expect nothing less from Axis Bank.”

“I welcome the changes made in tune with the times. Hoping the bank would adopt innovative strategies to improve the clientele profile.”

“ZEUX not only helped us create what we were looking for but also provided a lot more by handholding and directing us with their sound consulting advise which is much needed in creating anything new.”

Saloni Kapoor
AVP – Innovation & New Product Dev | Axis Bank