Making Insurance Uncomplicated & Jargon-Free for HDFC Life

Client / HDFC Life
Domain / Insurance
Services rendered / UX Assessment, UX Design

The UX Challenge

Click2Protect 3D Plus, evolved over the years to emerge as a flagship life insurance product for HDFC Life. Various features were added to the product over time which made it an extremely comprehensive life insurance offering, but this also made it a very complicated insurance plan for users to understand and purchase online.

ZEUX was tasked with simplifying the complex online buying journey for Click2Protect 3D Plus for the end users and the assisted online purchase journey for the call center team.

Key UX issues

  • The amount of information being provided on each screen was too much creating an extremely overwhelming and cluttered interface
  • While there are 9 variants of the Click2Protect 3D Plus product, there was no way for the user to know which one was right for them
  • The copy used was full of insurance jargon such as: ‘Increase SA annually’, ‘CI Rider’, etc.

Our Solution

With a motto of “Be ruthless about making it as intuitive as possible for the user” we redesigned the user experience. Based on in-depth user research and science of performance & persuasion design we simplified the terminology and identified the ideal customer journey. 

UX redesign focus areas

The new interface was designed for the common man who is not an expert in the insurance domain.

The journey was reimagined to ensure that the first step was to understand the user before the relevant insurance plan was suggested – just like an experienced insurance advisor would do.

Careful consideration was given to make the entire experience jargon free.

Instead of showing all 9 variants, only the most relevant variants were shown to the users.

The designs went through a round of validation with users to ensure that the new purchase journey was addressing all the UX pain points. Post design validation, the development work was initiated, and the new design went live in mid Aug 2019. 

The Outcome

(Exact percentage increase on specific measures cannot be shared because of confidentiality reasons) Comparison of analytics data from before and after the redesign going live shows that the UX changes have led to a significant increase across several key success measures such as…

Equivalent premium income

Rider Issuance

Number of Policies issued

Average Ticket Size

And this is what the HDFC Life team had to say…

From a business point of view we recovered the investment we made on this UX revamp in 5 days of going live. This is a great example of how good UX design can solve real life industry problems. This has given us a lot more confidence in investing in digital initiatives for ensuring India no longer remains uninsured.

“The intervention has aided growth of HDFC Life’s term plans in a hyper-competitive business environment and showcases the impact of UI/UX on real business challenges.”

Vishal Subharwal
Executive VP | HDFC Life