Partnering with HSBC India to revamp the SimplyPay mobile App

Client / HSBC Bank
Domain / Fintech / Banking
Services rendered / UX Design

The UX Challenge

HSBC India was looking to revamp the SimplyPay mobile app for facilitating UPI payments in the country. Through the redesign, HSBC wanted to enhance the user experience of the app and increase transactions and adoptions, along with being able to highlight their offering in an already crowded market.


  • Identifying challenges of the current SimplyPay app
  • Understanding user habits & preferences of using UPI on third-party apps over banking apps
  • Identifying a differentiated positioning for HSBC SimplyPay
  • Deliver an enhanced & elevated UPI journey
  • Aligning the HSBC SimplyPay design with global guidelines

Our Solution

Keep it simple

The original HSBC SimplyPay app had a complex payment flow, with long forms and jargon.

In comparison, third-party UPI payment apps, which are ubiquitous in India, rely on a flow that is extremely simple and intuitive, to a point where users are extremely familiar with these apps. Any complexity in forms, labels, icons, language could result in drop-offs. This led to a design that didn’t reinvent the wheel and kept it super simple – the essence of UPI.

The HSBC SimplyPay app was redesigned to have shorter forms, jargon-free labels and an overall familiar flow. Right from the dashboard, the icons were identifiable, as were the payment, offers and recent transactions sections.


Align SimplyPay with the global HSBC Bank

The original HSBC SimplyPay did not adhere to global design guidelines in terms of visual styling. The revamped app was designed following the global guidelines, along with brand guidelines that highlight the personality of HSBC – including colours, imagery, fonts, icons, etc. Success pages would be ‘boldly red’ – another brand attribute.


Personalize, personalize, personalize!

As a brand, HSBC is considered a premium, a bank for customers that are HNIs, NRIs and the like. While third-party UPI apps target anyone and everyone, HSBC SimplyPay could truly differentiate if they focused on a niche cohort – existing HSBC users, the HNIs, NRIs, etc.

The original SimplyPay lacked any rewards, which would have driven their user base to other UPI apps. The revamped SimplyPay shows rewards based on the spending habits of an individual, making it more appealing.

Also, the hero image on the dashboard would change based on their location or an offer that’s personalized for them. For example, if the user is in Mumbai, the hero image would show a prime spot of the city, adding some delight for the user on the daily. Alternatively, for a user who travels a lot, the same space could be used to house an exciting travel offer.

The Outcome

An enhanced & elevated journey for a UPI app by a bank.

The design has gone live, awaiting data.