Reinventing the Early Learning Landscape for Navneet

Client / Navneet - Leapbridge
Domain / Ed-tech
Services rendered / UX Strategy, UX Design, Visual design standards,
Sound design & Branding

UX Challenge

Navneet education foundation is a 60-year-old company operating in publishing, stationery & other products, new to digital learning and the ed-tech domain.

ZEUX was tasked with strategizing and designing a unique early learning application for children aged 2-5 years. Our challenge was to provide a science backed user experience and interface with a cohesive system design for visual design standards and assets. We got the opportunity to create a brand identity and guidelines for the early learning application whilst integrating immersive sound design to establish a multisensory experience for children.

Lastly, we conducted usability testing to check the viability of the app design and to gauge the response of children and parents alike. We had to visually design the website and internal dashboards for monitoring app health & other stats for business executives, tech and marketing teams

UX Pillars

  • Simplification – Digital information and interface had to balance the complexity of app for our young users. The app was focused on being hyper simple and gentle on the child’s mind.
  • Personalization – Learning pace and experience had to be personalized for the child by following a structured curriculum developed by early learning experts. We followed scientifically proven methods recommended by psychologists and doctors to create a fun & nurturing learning environment for the child.
  • Gamification – Audio & visual feedback with a straightforward reward system was designed to gamify the experience and keep the child motivated.

Our Solution

UX Strategy

An ed-tech domain for children in the age group of 2-5 years required extensive domain and competitive landscape research.

We worked on UX strategy and developed user experience guidelines based on our research and conceptualized an initial background story for the application. One of our focus points was to leverage technology for a child engagement, premium appeal and to stand out in the market.


App Design

Designed an app interface that delights the child while keeping the parents motivation to use the app in mind. Hypersimple to use for both the child and the parent, the app is divided into a parents zone and a kids zone, keeping the interaction areas well seperated.


Sound Design

Sound integration and interaction were necessary for a children’s app, and we implemented this by identifying the different sound categories and selecting a thematic cohort for them. We provided a way to systemize sound design to build in additional character voices and sounds.


Visual Design Standards

Visual design standards were created to systemize the creation of individual assets and to build complex environments within the universe.



We designed the brand identity for the application and specified brand guidelines for print & digital media.


User Testing

Finally, we collated the different aspects of the application and built a high-fidelity prototype to help the developers visualize & understand the overall experience of the app. We also leveraged this prototype to test the designs with children & parents.

The Outcome

ZEUX created a unique brand identity for Leapbridge in the early learning ed-tech domain.

We developed a UX strategy that followed a scientific approach and specified design guidelines to back good user experience. This would allow Leapbridge to scale the app with newer features & content while keeping the overall designs consistent.

The visual design standards helped systemize creation of assets & components within the universe.

Sound design established a multisensory experience that complemented the design of the application.

Usability testing gave us promising results for the overall app based on qualitative data and children’s first impression and interaction with the app.