Simplifying the experience of taking an education loan

Client / Kuhoo
Domain / Fintech
Services rendered / UX Strategy, UX Design, Visual design of Student and Partner Apps, Communication strategy

UX Challenge

Kuhoo is an NBFC startup promising student loans to every bright student of India to fund their dreams of higher studies in India and abroad. Kuhoo aspires to use their youthful brand identity and streamlined loan processes to accompany the millennial user segment throughout their education and beyond.

ZEUX was entrusted with strategizing and designing a millennial-centric loan app. The focus was to build a product that embodied the trust of a bank and the hassle-free processes of an online NBFC. ZEUX was also charged with designing the partner facing application which would enable online collaboration between Kuhoo and partner agencies like freelancers and institutions engaged in student test prep and educational counselling.

Some of the key challenges were:

  • Mapping the end-to-end user journeys, accommodating critical edge cases and simplifying the complex requirements of getting a student loan
  • Identifying all possible touchpoints where financial jargon and information asked could possibly confuse or unnerve the user and replacing these with simple copy or explanation of why the information was needed.
  • Arresting potential drop-off points and motivating the user to complete all necessary steps needed to complete the loan process on time.

Our solution

ZEUX designed the mobile app interfaces for Kuhoo’s student users and partner agencies. A millennial-centric approach required extensive research in the fields of education and personal finance, along with an in-depth study of the user group. One of our focus points was to leverage technology for an almost paper free, intuitive and simple approach.

We developed a UX strategy that followed a scientific approach and specified design guidelines to back good user experience. This would allow Kuhoo to scale the app with newer features & content while keeping the overall designs consistent.

A communication strategy was crafted keeping key principles in the forefront, like landing in the right place with the right frequency and using rich media for higher engagement. These were replicated in all collaterals that were designed.

UX Pillars

Simplification – The main objective was to simplify the education loan process and make it easy for the millennial. The digital habits of the specific cohort were of prime importance in the UX strategy and design.

Personalization – Basis the student’s goal of where and what to study, the app would be personalized with relevant content and funnel the user to the most apt product. The experience was streamlined to include complex flows with multiple information uploads in a simple manner, with adequate help to get through the difficult parts.

Gamification – The experience was gamified keeping the lifespan of usage of the product in mind. Being a loan application, user engagement is desirable years into the future. Gamification is a proven strategy to ensure continued engagement over time.


Student app


Contextual help and nudges


Partner app


Communication collateral

The Outcome

The application is now live on Google Play store and is receiving high praise from users for its user – friendly design and interface.

“I am thoroughly impressed with its functionality and ease of use. The app has a clear and user – friendly interface that allows me to track my loan payments, view my loan balance, and receive personalized repayment plans.”

User review

“Wonderful UI and really helps to understand the entire process of a student loan, which is very hard to come by nowadays!”

User review

“User friendly and smooth interface. Very easy to complete the whole process and was able to know about eligibility of loan in minutes. Great work.”

User review