Simplifying the Loan Ecosystem for L&T Financial Services

Client / L&T Financial Services
Domain / Finance
Services rendered / UX Design

UX Challenge

L&T FS was way behind in the digitization of the loan experience. In a world full of fintech and NBFC, digitizing the loan ecosystem was a need. Keeping the competitors in mind, our challenge was to provide a hyper-simple user experience for different sets of target users across India.

UX Design Objectives

  • Increase user engagement
  • Simplify the application process
  • Provide holistic view of loan application​
  • Utilize L&T’s brand colors and guidelines while incorporating UX principles

Our Solution​

ZEUX started the UX design process with stakeholder visioning to map the business and user goals. Followed by an in-depth task flow analysis of loan applications online and offline to understand the different pain points while applying for a loan. These insights were a strong reference foundation to start the design process


Stakeholder Visioning​

Loan Ecosystem Immersion



UX design approach essentially focused on 3 key pillars

​We used the ‘less is more’ principle to declutter and make the journey as simple as it can be. Task flows and journeys were designed to be hyper simple.

We grouped related information and designed user-friendly forms. Eliminated all the unnecessary information that was asked in the application. This has proven to be a key factor in increasing the efficiency in submitting the application.

We emphasised different target users across India. We set the design language in a way that people from various backgrounds felt a sense of belonging. We supported this by adding illustrations and images with a touch of India.


The Process​

Step 1: Stakeholder Visioning​

Key Stakeholder findings​

Target users​
– Users from Tier 1, 2 ​ & 3 cities​
– Not a tech-savvy​
– Less knowledge about finance​

Desired design objectives​
– Logical, Intuitive & Easy ​ to use services​
– Language catering to customers across India​
– End-to-end seamless journey​
– Maintain the identity of “Bharat”​


Step 2: Loan Eco-system Immersion

Step 3: Design​


UI Design​

Step 3: UI Design – Onboarding​


Step 3 : UI Design – Post login dashboard


Step 3: UI Design – Collections


Step 3: UI Design – Services

The Outcome

In the span of the first three months…

Online Transactions increased by 9x

3.1 Lacs App downloads, 2k+ reviews and 4+ rating

50% month on month increase in online transactions

Planet App contributed 59% of total document downloads for the month of Aug 2022

The sourcing module is in development which will be live soon

“Thanks to ZEUX Innovation’s UI UX Design. We successfully launched our mobile App – PLANET, which gained positive reviews and over 5 Lac downloads in the first few months’ of launch. We admire their project management style, communication, and delivery – They were prompt and aligned to our project goals throughout. In fact, we highly recommend ZEUX for UX Innovation and breakthrough design.”

Ayushi Verma
Head of Digital Transformation | L&T Financial Services

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