Social Innovation for Stanley Earth’s IoT Enabled Solar Pumps

Client / Stanley Black and Decker
Domain / Industrial tools / Hardware manufacturer
Services rendered / UX Design

The UX Challenge

There is a considerable push for renewable sources of energy in India. Stanley innovated IOT enabled solar pump solutions to help farmers solve their water problems to a great extent.

While the product was amazing, the idea was to get help from UX experts who can make the usage of the pumps accessible through a web application (accessed via mobile) easy to monitor and manage.

The other core mandate was to create an application that acts as a core differentiator in the market. 

Our Solution

Given the uniqueness of the service and the multiple stakeholder’s involvements, we started to design the most massive use case first, which was the view for the administrators.

The client listed out all possible social impact metrics and technical parameters that could be derived from the data received from the pump, and then narrowed  down to the essential ones which we then captured in the new design.

The first iterations of dashboard designs were reviewed internally by the client and then later the team working with farmers in the Innovation Sandbox at Hyderabad. Once approved for intuitiveness, functionality and branding guidelines, the designs were delivered as HTML files, which were then developed and executed by our team.

Below are the things that we considered while designing the new dashboard:

Showcasing the social impact metrics and technical parameters as needed by different stakeholders. The metrics are displayed as widgets with a relatable icon to make it easy to spot & understand.

Ensuring infographics are easy to understand and look visually appealing for Indian farmers to access and understand the pump’s performance.

The active notifications and warnings allows technicians to proactively reach out to the farmer and provide support even before the farmer makes the call.

The dashboard displayed the instantaneous performance (daily & monthly) that allowed detailed analysis and insights.

We also leveraged satellite imagery to assess the exact location of the pump & verify the installation status.

The Outcome

Social Impact Since Launch in early 2019:

Lives Positively Impacted: 900

Farmers Educated on Technology: 2,000+

CO2 Emissions Negated: 10 Tons

Energy Harnessed from the Sun: 18MW

Acres of Land Irrigated: 800 Acres

“We were impressed to learn that ZEUX’s approach was systematic and process oriented. Also, they were focused on achieving real outcomes than just creating pretty picture design.”

Bhaumik Shah
Director, Product Marketing | Stanley Black & Decker