Streamlining Cross-Border Payments for ICICI Bank

Client / ICICI Bank Money2World
Domain / Banking / Money transfer
Services rendered / Review of current collaterals, User Research, UX design

The UX Challenge

ICICI Bank Money2World is a reliable and safe platform to send money outside India. It is one of the biggest outward remittance services available in India. However, the overall experience of the existing platform was dated and the process too complicated – leading to a sizeable drop-off rate. ICICI Bank sought ZEUX’s UX expertise to revamp the entire experience of Money2World. The goal was to uplift the user experience to current global standards and to streamline the flows into intuitive user journeys by cutting out unnecessary jargon & employing error avoidance strategies.

Our Methodology

  • Understanding & aligning with the stakeholder’s vision & expectations.
  • Understanding the competition & outward remittance landscape.
  • Gaining insight into the banking habits & the behavior of the users.
  • Conducting an in-depth expert analysis of the existing website and flows.
  • Simplifying and streamlining each step of the process.
  • Delivering a best-in-class international remittance experience.

The Process

User Research & Competition Benchmarking


Expert Review of the existing platform


Based on stakeholder interviews, product walkthroughs & user research we were able to identify the core problem areas in the existing system:

The login and onboarding processes were very slow and cumbersome. Current global players in the ecosystem like, Western Union, etc., onboard users and enable money transfer very smoothly, as would be a desired feature.

ICICI Money2World’s current platform lacked a dashboard for easy navigation and tracking of transfers. In cases of frequent users, a dashboard is a go to feature to keep track of transactions. Also, there were several breakpoints in the journey which forced the user to stop midway – e.g. to gather mandatory physical documents.

The current process was dated and a mix of online & offline touchpoints. A completely reimagination of the existing journeys to a 100% digital process was an absolute need of the hour.



As the first steps, to establish the UX playbook and blueprint for ICICI Bank Money2World we did a thorough expert review of the current resources and conducted foundational research with target users across India. The research and analysis focused our UX design approach essentially on 3 key pillars:

1. Design for high anxiety:

The domain of international fund transfer is inherently a high anxiety area as it deals with transferring substantial amounts of money to an overseas service provider (bank). There is general insecurity among the users about security of transactions, different rules and regulations, documents required, etc. Our UX approach tackled this by easing this anxiety as much as possible and humanizing the process – with an easy login, comprehensive dashboard to track all required details of transfer and contextual help and nudges to provide clarity.

2. Speak the users’ language:

One major problem of the current banking industry is the use of over-complicated jargon, which is difficult to understand by the common user. This also adds substantially to the anxiety issue mentioned above. This led us to completely relook at the language used – and simplifying the same to non-banking casual English, spoken and understood by the masses.

3. Choose a global visual aesthetic:

The detailed expert review we conducted revealed that the current collaterals are quite dated both in terms of aesthetics and technology used to interact with the user. The team did a comprehensive redesign of the current journeys to bring them up to global standards. This means streamlining long data entry sequences, digitization of offline forms, smarter ways of collecting necessary documents and data, presented with a refreshed UI. This completely revamped the fund transfer process of the client from daunting, drab and aged to sleek, modern, and minimal. 




The Outcome

A simplified user onboarding path minimizing potential disruptive points

A holistic dashboard that ensures users are continuously updated on their total remittances and their respective statuses

Hyper-simple journeys designed to avoid human error & to meet global visual standards

Conversational user journeys that alleviate anxiety by providing step-by-step instructions and autosave functionality