Tanvi Purohit
Principal UX Designer

“Good design is when art and science meet context.”

Tanvi has 8 years of experience creating brand experiences in both the physical and digital world, across industries that include telecommunications, FMCG, lifestyle, alcohol, fashion, electronics, banking, travel, sports and e-commerce. Trained in visual communication, she believes in a cohesive brand experience, and with an appetite to learn, she seamlessly switched from retail and branding to UX. Tanvi’s design solutions are a balance between functionality and aesthetic, with the user’s emotions at the core. She loves the sun, beach vacations, swimming, intense workouts, writing, experimenting with art, spicy food and easy-to-make desserts. Tanvi is a crazy CatDog lady, and is 100% likely to share photos and random information about her pets and other animals she encounters on the streets.