24 carat cultureA checklist for vibing with ZEUX

I love Mondays.

Any working professional knows that this is code for I love my job and workplace. I have been at ZEUX for 4 years now. In these past years I’ve seen the churn of folk arriving and leaving. There are those who come from corporates (like me) and are amazed at what working at a start-up can feel like. Then there are those who come from start-ups founded by college grads and are surprised by how different it is to work at one started by mature co-founders with solid industry background. And of course, there are the ones who come fresh out of college and are bedazzled as they transition to work mode in a place like this. Everyone who comes to ZEUX is inevitably in awe of its culture.

What is culture anyway? It’s not bean bags and vending machines. Neither is it Diwali parties or offsites.

Culture is the ever-evolving fabric that is created, impacted, and embodied by everyone who is a part of it. It lies at the core of what, why and how an organization does what it does. It is a combination of what is forbidden, tolerated, and encouraged. The so called ‘culture-fits’ love being here and stay on; the misfits never quite settle in and eventually leave.

As an ex-HR, I know how tricky it can be to find the right person and explain the culture to them. As an ex-job seeker, I know how tricky it can be to find the right workplace without knowing much about its culture.

And so, here’s my list of top 24 things to know about us if you plan on applying or are lucky enough to be joining us soon. I’m going to group them in buckets that together spell AWE – Attitude, Work, Environment.

In no particular order, here goes:

The people who will fit in are the ones who…

  1. Have a strong work ethic and sense of ownership that make them a rock solid reliable rockstar.
  2. Ask who, what, when, how, why, and why not without the fear of sounding stupid.
  3. Have a learner’s mindset and can proudly admit that they “don’t know” something.
  4. Push back and take a stand but also have the humility to know when to back down.
  5. Enjoy learning about new domains that transcend beyond their personal interests.
  6. Listen attentively and observe the world around them so that they can apply useful lessons and avoid others’ mistakes.
  7. Embrace getting out of their comfort zone and don’t make a big deal about failing while learning.
  8. Not just value creating the best experiences for users, customers, and colleagues alike but also consciously add a pinch of delight to these encounters.

The people who will fit in are the ones who…

  1. Have an above-basic knowledge of the technical and emotional tools needed for their craft.
  2. Are excited by variety and are not perturbed by roller coasters of intense and dull periods of work.
  3. Take advantage of trainings and masterclasses instead of thinking that they’re a waste of time.
  4. Recognize the social and collaborative aspect of working from office 5 days a week.
  5. Either live near the office or don’t mind the commute, especially during Mumbai’s glorious monsoons.
  6. Understand that working in a meritocracy means that only you and your quality of work can take you up the ladder.
  7. Don’t limit themselves to the job description they read on LinkedIn.
  8. Respect deadlines and can deliver under the pressure that comes with the territory of consulting.

The people who will fit in are the ones who…

  1. Respect the freedom granted by flexible office timings and zero micro-management without abusing the power that comes with it.
  2. Are alright working at a place that contains millennial wisdom mixed with gen Z swag, and where the average age is 27.
  3. Are not stuck on a 9-5 model of work and understand how these rigidities can obstruct creativity.
  4. Enjoy the sounds of the guitar, techno music, and loud laughter, or can block out the cacophony with noise cancelling headphones or the power of their mind.
  5. Pick up after themselves and leave the lunch area and washrooms wonderfully welcoming for the next person.
  6. Care for the planet and have a muscle memory of turning off unnecessary lights and electronics.
  7. Have a good sense of humour and are not easily offended by the frequent leg-pulling that happens around here.
  8. Can read the room and have a decent set of social skills to minimize stepping on toes and maximize spreading good vibes.

If you’ve made it to the end of this paper, Congrats! You now have an idea of what it is like to be a part of this AWE-some place.

Maybe we’ll cross paths one day. If you become a colleague and grow to love ZEUX, we’ll talk about how you had read this paper while exploring our website. If you become a colleague and aren’t too happy at ZEUX, I’ll ask you if you had read this paper. I might also throw in a “Told you so”. 😉

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