Partnering with Discovery to design India’s first real-life entertainment app

Client / Discovery India
Domain / OTT / Entertainment / Media
Services rendered / User Research & UX Design

“Various research and design workshops that ZEUX led for us, placed user motivations at the heart for solving these barriers. The iterative work, completed over several months, has paid rich dividends for us as expressed by the umpteen user reviews that have highlighted the rich yet simple to navigate UI & UX of Discovery Plus.”

Issac John
Discovery India | Business Head

The UX Challenge

Discovery India was priming to launch an OTT platform in India with a goal of being the #1 video-on-demand app for non-fiction content. They chose ZEUX as their UX design and innovation partner for this journey.


  • Understand viewing habits/preferences in India for non-fiction content
  • Test potential product concepts to arrive at best product market fit
  • Deliver a best-in-class and differentiated OTT experience

Our Solution

The UX design approach essentially focused on 5 key pillars:

One-stop-shop: As a first step, to establish the UX playbook and blueprint for discovery+, we conducted foundational research with target users across India. Our research confirmed that users would prefer an integrated, one-stop-shop approach to consuming non-fiction content. We also gathered user insights regarding content preferences, subscription models, pricing, etc. These research insights established a clear app strategy and laid down a solid foundation for the design effort.

Discoverability: The user research also revealed multiple triggers and variables (such as: time of day, emotion, content length, life stage, brag value, etc.) that impact user’s content viewing preferences & behavior. This led us to completely re-imagine the content categorization for discovery+ and create several innovative content buckets and micro-genres. This not only ensured that overall information architecture of the app matches the target users’ mental model but also enhanced content findability.

Stickiness: Enhancing amount of time spent on the app is key to hitting the engagement goals for any content platform. “Shorts” was an innovation crafted specifically to enhance engagement for the tik-tok generation which is used to binging on bite-sized video content facilitated by infinite scrolling interfaces designed to maintain an uninterrupted flow of dopamine. This mash-up of short format non-fiction content & infinite scrolling with a streaming platform is a one of a kind OTT engagement strategy and UX innovation that truly sets discovery+ apart from other players.

Shareability: We crafted a hyper-simple sharing experience by seamlessly integrating user’s most preferred sharing channel (WhatsApp) into the app interface. This innovation has proven to be a key factor in enhancing content share-ability resulting in increasing organic user acquisitions for discovery+.

Intelligence: We wanted to ensure that the home page and landing pages for core content categories provide users with a comprehensive overview of discovery’s vast content breadth and depth. Circular content toggles at the top of key pages were integrated into the interface for precisely that reason. An added benefit of this approach was that user interaction with these content toggles essentially became an intelligence gathering mechanism that continuously captures content preferences and fuels discovery’s content personalization & recommendation engines.

The Outcome

On March 17th 2020, Discovery+ went live. In just 4 months…

Discovery+ has established itself as a differentiated and aggregated super-app for lifelong learners and passion communities in India across demographics and regions

It has become a trusted destination for parents who wanted world class educational content for their kids, for the working professional who wanted a quick recipe video, or the consummate learner who wanted to know how SpaceX and NASA partnered to launch astronauts in space.

Discovery+ is among India’s highest rated OTT apps across five of the largest at-scale platforms- iOS, Android, Web, FireTV and Android TV.

Its headline-grabbing powerful specials got front-page attention in the Economic Times and coverage across Livemint, Hindustan Times, India Today and countless other leading publications in India.

“All of this wouldn’t have been possible without that radical partnership spirit, that collaborative fire, that perfect creative, that flawless edit, that seamless UX, and that elegant line of code that each of you and your teams has had a role in elevating. We thank you for your partnership and look forward to creating more magic in the days to come.”

Issac John
Discovery India | Business Head