Redesigning Provilac to stand out among milk delivery apps

Client / Provilac
Domain / E-commerce/ Online Milk Delivery
Services rendered / User Research, UX Design, Marketing Communication Strategy, HTMLs

The UX Challenge

Provilac is a premium milk and dairy delivery brand serving products rich in taste, quality and purity to milk and dairy lovers since 2013. Their offerings range from various milk types including Desi cow’s nutritious A2 milk to exquisite ghee, paneer, etc. Increased market share and reduced support team intervention were the key needs of the hour.

Provilac partnered with ZEUX for a complete transformation of their digital presence (web & app) along with strategizing their marketing communication to leave a stronger footprint in the milk delivery business.


  • Research and understand the milk & dairy consumption habits/preferences of customers
  • Test potential product concepts to arrive at the best product market fit
  • Deliver a best-in-class and differentiated milk subscription and delivery experience

Based on stakeholder interviews, best practices review and user research insights, we were able to identify the core problem areas in the design…

  • Missing value proposition: Provilac invests heavily in the production, packaging and distribution of their milk and dairy products. Their app or website did not do justice to showcasing the true value of their catalog.
  • Lack of persuasion: The customer acquisition process did not leverage persuasion design principles to drive subscription.
  • Complex processes: Sampling & onboarding, fulfillment of out of stock items, query resolution, wallet system with credit limits, managing vacations, and modification of orders were some of the processes that required more clarity and simplification.
  • Poor user interface design: Plain imagery, absence of premium tonality, lack of self-help and hard to find features made the user experience sub-optimal.

Our Solution

Since the market has no dearth of milk delivery platforms, we approached this as a persuasion design project which would differentiate Provilac from the competition. We planned to meet this goal by crafting a self-serving platform which encourages subscriptions and repeat customers by integrating principles like social proof, obedience to authority, surprise, power of free, argue against self-interest, and gamification.

The aim was to achieve

Higher Conversions

Higher Lifetime Value of the Customer

Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost

while keeping an eye on humanizing the experience as far as possible.

As an outcome of our stakeholder interviews and user research, we were able to target the redesign at the key business and user needs. The design approach essentially focused on three UX pillars…


Uncomplicated setting of subscription patterns

Easy to modify existing orders

Detailed delivery instructions for every address to avoid the support team’s intervention

Order calendar with real time updates regarding item availability and delivery status


Product Sampling: A quiz was designed to help the sales time vet customers when offering a sample as free versus paid.

Gamification: Pro coins were introduced as currency that the user would earn on purchases and redeem on wallet recharges. Users would progress from Blue level and to Gold based on how many pro coins they had. The amount of pro coins earned would be a factor of time and money spent by the user hence making it lucrative for them to remain with Provilac for longer.

Argue against self-interest: Upfront and honest addressal of not just frequently answered questions but also questions that customers may have in mind but not feel too comfortable asking.

Humanize the experience: Conversational copy, endearing stories of people’s experiences with Provilac, behind the scenes videos capturing the processes and conditions at sourcing farms were integrated into the design.

Referrals: A generous referral strategy meant that users could bring friends and family onboard while earning rewards and in turn reducing customer acquisition costs for business.


Strategically timed and friendly conversational copy across push notifications, SMSs, WhatsApp and emails. Contextual and high quality imagery with the right balance of copy was used to enhance the engagement of emailers.

The Outcome

Post concept finalisation, we worked towards simplification of flows while maintaining a high amount of flexibility to accommodate all kinds of customer behaviors. The final outcome is an app and website that is engaging, easy to navigate and reflective of the premium products that Provilac offers.


“Being a Start-up we wanted a flexible arrangement, ZEUX Team guided us very well and went way beyond to deliver. They followed a systematic user-centric methodology which included User Research & User Testing. The users found the new UX design very easy to navigate and the gamification angle really excited them. Also, their recommendations on cross-sell were spot on. Overall, a great success.”

Siddharth Runwal
Director | Provilac Dairy Farms Private Limited